Why you need Google Analytics properly set up?

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A few years ago all you needed was a website a product or service and you could have instantly had a successful online business. Since then the web has evolved with millions of potential customers and millions of competitors trying to sell similar products.

For the astute entrepreneur, the web is still wide open with infinite opportunities, but you need to have a web presence that’s designed to attract customers and earn revenue.

Most online businesses are running in the dark and really don’t know how to fully take advantage of the opportunities available.

We have all heard that knowledge is power and this is so true especially with internet marketing.

Analytics can provide you with all the knowledge needed, so you can succeed and prosper, but it can’t do this unless properly set up.

Once your Analytics manager and account is set up you can track all the important events and actions on your websites and sales funnels.

Why do you need this information?

When you can see how many people arrive on your site, how long they stay and what action they take you can start to improve your sites functionality and appeal.

If you have a lot of people landing, then quickly jumping away, you know you have attracted them, but they are not instantly finding what they want, so leave.

This is when you need to try different strategies to retain their interest.

With a well setup analytics program, you can see what the majority of people like and which options you give them get the best results as well as those that are poor producers.

You can see how long visitors spend filling out contact forms and how many are abandoned.

You can quickly see the number of times visitors spend looking at your product pages and the content places to attract entertain or inform them.

Soon you will have information on these areas to help you track your business objectives:

  • Emails lost and sign ups
  • Sharing your content, giving you backlinks and recommendations
  • Purchase completions and those abandoned
  • The number of unique first time visitors as well as return visitors
  • The time visitors spend on your site at each session
  • The products or services they are most interested in
  • If you use a number of different sales funnels you can determine the most effective ones and which need revision
  • Monitor the effects of trying different colour schemes and visual effects

This information can be used to find hot future leads.

When a visitor returns several times and spends time on your content or product sections they’ve shown an interest so Adwords can place them on your retargeting list and tastefully, automatically send them information based on their choice and preferences.

Having your Google Analytics properly set up is one of the smartest investments you can make after you have made your super user friendly SEO website to set yourself up as a successful, modern internet marketer.

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