Why Website speed is important in terms of SEO

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Website speed is a factor Google algorithm’s use to determine a sites place in search ratings. Your local SEO Company on the Gold Coast can evaluate your site and improve its loading speed. Search engines measure how long the first byte of information takes to load, if your site is slow at loading, it takes up more of their budgeted time and reduces the number of pages that they can crawl. Many SEO experts consider this may negatively affect the way search engines index your site and ranking.

Google has stated that it looks at the user experience a visitor will have when visiting your website and the bounce rate of visitors to your site as well as the time visitors stay on your site to help them determine your site’s user value. Long load times and the speed of your page once a visitor is viewing it can also reduce your conversion rates

Page Speed and Site Speed

Page speed and site speed are two different things, page speed refers to the time it takes for your page to load and site speed site speed refers to the time it takes for a visitor to navigate around your website.

You can use Google’s PageSpeed Insights to evaluate your page speed which uses data from your Chrome User Experience Report incorporating two speed metrics, FCP or First Content Paint and DCL or DOM Content Loaded

Because being totally SEO compliant is vital to your internet marketing success and page loading speed is a crucial part of SEO on the Gold Coast or anywhere, we have included some ways you can improve your page loading speed:

  • Enable Compression

Reduce the size of any files over 150 bytes that use HTML, CSS and JavaScript with Gzip, a file compression software application.

Use Photoshop or a similar program to compress image, so they are as no bigger than necessary and ensure they are in the correct format. Usually, graphics are better in PNG while JPEGs are best for photos and should be compressed.

Combine images into one large image so there are less HTTP requests and display only those sections you want your visitors to see, so visitors to your site don’t have to wait for the downloading of multiple images

  • Remove Unnecessary Coding

Optimise your coding by removing unnecessary characters such as commas and spaces as well as unnecessary formatting, comments and coding to dramatically increase the speed your page loads

  • Limit or Reduce Redirects

Every time that your page redirects your visitor to a new page it increases the total download time as they have to wait for the HTTP request responses to finish

  • Remove any Render-blocking JavaScript

If your browser finds any script while parsing your HTML it will be forced to stop and act, or execute it before it’s able to continue

  • Leverage Browser Caching

Browsers are designed to cache a lot of the information while loading a site so returning visitors do not have to reload the whole page making it a lot quicker. Set your cache for the longest possible time or until you change your site design

Your local SEO Company on the Gold Coast will be able to speed up your website page speed by searching for performance bottlenecks, compressing your data and removing unnecessary items

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