Why Website speed is important for SEO

By on November 20th, 2020 in Tutorials

Many businesses today are largely dependent on web traffic, so webmasters and content creators are always trying and using different methods of attracting customers to their websites. It’s now generally understood that web users are looking for a great experience and sites that offer a large amount of value for the time they spend on them. One of the best ways to have a great user friendly, high loading speed, website is to use the services of your SEO company in Brisbane to create the best possible user friendly website for you.

It’s vital your site loads quickly and once a visitor starts looking around your site everything they want also has to load quickly as even a few seconds delay can turn them off and cause them to find a new faster site.

The following are some reasons why site speed is so important for SEO compliance:

Web users are very fussy and impatient, they now demand fast service speeds

  • Over 40% of internet users will bounce from a site if it takes more than 3 seconds to load
  • About 50% of web users expect your website to load in under 2 seconds
  • About 70% of people who come across a slow website will never bother to go there again, even if you improve your speed so you need to build a fast loading site from the start
  • About  30% of people who find a site too slow, will share with others how slow your site is to load
  • If you are not 1005 sure you can produce a fast and interesting website you need to have a professional create it for you. Your local SEO Company in Brisbane can create a website and complete web presence for you at a very realistic price. A site with fast loading speeds that will attract customers and generate sales or you

  • The first Impression you give a visitor is the most important

When a visitor arrives on your site, you need to be able to capture their interest in a micro-second and have a very fast loading speed along with a site that tells them what they want to know at a glance is a win, win situation. Regardless how good your site is, if it’s slow loading you will lose most of your customers before it even opens.

People believe fast loading sites are more dependable, efficient and professional.

  • Speed has a direct impact on Google rankings

Google has stated that in order to get a good search engine ranking a site needs to be fast loading, relevant easily accessible and offer high value to its visitors

  • Studies show conversion rate is related to page speed

It has been established now that page loading speeds have a direct relationship to conversion rates. Often a reduction of just a small amount can have a major impact on new visitors who stay long enough to become customers with faster speeds and sites have a reduced bounce rate

Your SEO Company from Brisbane can help to ensure you have a fast loading site and that all your content is also fast loading to ensure you can attract and keep your visitors. They will update your existing site or create a whole new winning web presence for you with high speeds and interesting relevant content at an affordable price.

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