Why Link Building is important in SEO

By on July 9th, 2020 in Tutorials

The importance of SEO for all internet marketing is now recognized by most people, it’s the thing that makes the difference between being seen and being missed altogether. Unfortunately, SEO is not that straight forward and unless you are a competent web master it is best left up to an expert from a recognized SEO agency on the Gold Coast to ensure you’re totally compliant.

It is a fact, that many people overlook the importance of link building when they apply SEO principles to their internet design and contents. By not including link building as a major part of your SEO strategy you will not be able to take advantage of your full marketing potential.

What is Link Building?

Basically, link building is making links so other websites can hyperlink to your website or content. It is the way internet user’s move from one site to another.

Search engines crawl along links to navigate their way around the web. They help discover your site and other relevant sites.

Link building can be a time consuming process and takes skill and patience. It gives a long lasting and solid results because it allows other people to interact with your website and discover you.

Many people do not like to spend the time needed to build links so try all manner of tactics to build black hat links (these are links that are purchased or bargained for but are of little lasting value).

If you are unable to produce link-building content then engage a competent SEO company on the Gold Coast to do it for you as only genuine high quality links will result in a good search engine ranking.

Why are they so Important?

Google who has the largest internet search engine use a very complex algorithm to work out how to rank search results.

Their top priority is to give their users the best and most enjoyable experience when using their site. When someone links to your site the search engines notice this and search the link to see where it goes to. When lots of people link to your site and especially repeat high quality links (links that are highly relevant and/or have a lot of organic traffic), it tells Google that people like your site and it become worthy of citation. The more quality links you get, the more popular you appear to be, so the search engines reward your site with a higher ranking

Some important aspects of link building

  • A link from a site with a higher domain authority than yours with good back links is the best to aim for.
  • Create compelling, interesting, unique and high value content
  • Promote yourself through all forms of social media
  • Get links from family and friends
  • Participate and reply to blogs and online forums
  • Ask for reviews from clients, suppliers and industry leaders in your niche
  • Use only white hat links of integrity and quality

High quality link building is vital for SEO, so if you can, spend the time creating content others will want to link to, but if you do not have the time, inclination or ability, you need to contact the SEO experts on The Gold Coast to do the job properly for you so your site prospers.

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