Why is it essential to have SSL Certification for your website?

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SSL certificate (Secure Sockets Layer) is not a luxury in 2020 and beyond, it has now become a security necessity for all websites because of the amount of cyber crime that can affect anyone at any time and without warning. This can potentially cripple or destroy your business in a flash. If you’re unsure about SSL certification, then talk with your SEO Company in Brisbane about getting an SSL Certificate for all your websites. They will gladly help you to become totally compliant in all your websites including social media.

An SSL Certificate is a small data, its purpose is to digitally bind cryptography keys onto your site’s web server and detail effectively activating a lock. The https protocol will then only allow secure connections from a particular web server to a particular browser. It’s typically used for data transfers, credit card transactions and logins as well as securing user’s browser settings on social media websites.

Some of the key reasons, that it’s essential for your website:

  • Protects Data

SSL protects your data by protecting the server to client communication. When installed all the information is encrypted into an undecipherable format that can only be unlocked on the intended recipients server or browser. It protects your sensitive data from crypto criminals and hackers

  • Identity Affirmation

SSL also authenticates identities; this is a vital aspect of web security, showing absolute proof of who you are. You have to complete a validation process with an independent third party or Certificate authority to verify your organization and personal identity. You are then issued trust indicators that vouch for your integrity, allowing others to know who they are communicating with

  • Better Search Engine Rankings

Google expects sites to offer their users the highest possible site security using this as a key point in SEO compliance and rewards them with a higher search engine ranking

  • Satisfying PCI/DSS Requirements

In order to accept any form of online payment by credit card online you need to comply with the Payment Card Industry or PIC and have an SSL certificate on your site as one of their 12 primary requirements

  • Improved Customer Trust

They are easy to identify signs quickly inform site users that any data they send is safe and secure, so they are much more likely to come back and participate in business dealings with you and your site. All major search engines now issue warnings as you are about to enter a site that do not have an SSL certification, telling potential visitors that this site is not secure and advising them not to proceed. This alone should be enough to destroy any site’s integrity and visitor numbers

Cyber crime is on the increase with millions of accounts and sites around the world, it’s vital that you make your internet presence as secure as possible. Talk with your local SEO Company in Brisbane if you are unsure how to go about making sure your site is secure and has the best version of SSL certification to meet you and your potential customer’s needs. To add a totally unconquerable layer of protection for your site and all of the data it contains keeping hackers, data thieves and cyber criminals away.

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