Why do you need to create backlinks for your website?

By on December 24th, 2020 in Tutorials

When you’re involved in digital marketing, your whole business revolves around how visible you are to your potential customers, how easy it is for them to find you. This really boils down to how well you rank on search engine rankings and the ability internet users have to navigate between relevant websites and your website.

The way you move from one website to another is through a hyperlink, commonly called a link. A backlink is a one way link that takes someone from the website they’re on to your website. Search engines also use links to crawl the web, they crawl from one website to the next and they crawl between different parts and pages on individual websites.

Your website and content needs to be SEO compliant and so do the sites backlinked to your site.

Quality backlinks

A few years ago any link to your website was of value, so site builders resorted to any means to get back links from buying them to creating dummy sites and linking to totally irrelevant sites just to get the backlinks. For a while Google suggested linking your websites to directory services so people would link to your site.

Website builders then tried to manipulate and the page ranking system and filling sites with low ranking or low quality links which only led to confusion for users.

As Google’s policy is to make using Google and its search engine as fast, positive and enjoyable for its users as possible they started regular updates to get rid of websites they considered did not deserve a ranking.

The two main ways search engines use links

  1. To find or discover new websites and web pages
  2. To help them decide how well a web page should be ranked in their results

The easier it is for search engines to find your site and contents the more likely you are to rank in a high position

After crawling your site the search engines index the information contained there and rank it for quality and relevancy to keywords.

They use the number and quality of the backlinks they find to decide how popular or valuable your site is.

A link from a high quality website is like a vote of confidence in your site. It’s far better to have a few high quality backlinks as they carry more weight than a lot of low quality links. Google actively penalizes websites that try to abuse this system, so it’s vital to know which link building techniques to use.

The essence in building successful websites that work to produce more traffic and therefore make more money for their owners is to ensure everything is of the highest possible quality.

This means that

  • You only use the highest quality, SEO compliant, organic, original content that’s highly relevant to your keywords
  • You create high quality backlinks from quality high ranking, relevant websites
  • Have a super fast loading proactive, mobile friendly website
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