When can we expect results from Adwords

By on July 15th, 2021 in Tutorials

Whether we wish to admit it or not, our whole life revolves around technology. More so, the internet. Having the newest computer, phone or tablet is relatively useless without a fast internet connection. When using the internet, one of the main things we like to do is search for things. These things are endless, whether it be recipes, restaurants, sporting results, weather, academic papers, the list goes on. When searching for these things, we use what is called a Search Engine. The main one that is used is Google, and rightly so. Google completes roughly 70,000 searches per second, which is hard to even quantify. Every single one of those searches will generate a results page, and on the results page, there can be Ads, mostly at the top of the page. These are called Adwords and are a complete game-changer for business as we know it. When we think of Ads, most people sigh and want nothing to do with them. However, Adwords is a little different, as Adwords provided ads for the particular item or thing you have searched for, meaning that they relate to your search. All of this being said, if your business is using Adwords, and is spending money on them, when can we expect to see results, and how do we maximise them?

Before we delve in, we need to realise that Adwords spending is like anything…the more you put in, the more you get out. Now, this relates to the budget and amount you spend, as well as the time and effort placed into the Adwords strategy. Without a strong strategy, you may as well be throwing money away.

Seeing rewards on your investment in Adwords can be exciting, but how long does it take from spending money and implementing the ads, to seeing results? Well, this well depends on a few things. For the most part, you will see results within the first 1-2 days, depending on spend and the target market/product you are advertising.

Furthermore, using the data that Adwords provides you with is vital. By following the data trends, you can continually optimise and change your Adwords to ensure you are getting the maximum return on investment. By all means, Adwords is a great tool, however, they cannot work in isolation. As mentioned earlier, you must complete the groundwork first, by developing a strong strategy. On top of this, once Adwords provides you with the clicks and traffic on your site, your website must be professional and easy to use.

Before using Adwords, ensure your website is attractive to the consumer. Have an elegant landing page, succinct information and plenty of appealing imagery. From here, let Adwords do the work.

Google is the most powerful tool ever built on the internet, there is no doubt about it. Let the team at Supplier Digital work their magic and ensure your business uses Adwords to continually grow.

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