What’s more important? SEO or SEM?

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Learning how to be a successful internet marketer is a journey that takes you through a series of learning curves that provide the experience and skills you need to increase your chosen audience’s awareness of your company’s branding and the unique services and products you’re offering.

SEO or Search Engine Optimisation and SEM or Search Engine Marketing have a symbiotic relationship and if used together, can potentially give great marketing results.

Traditionally SEM was the an umbrella term that covered all aspects of marketing tactics such as organic and paid per click marketing as well as some aspects of affiliate marketing. The development and refinement of the internet has allowed the term SEO to refer to gaining traffic or visitors through the use of natural, organic editorial content.

SEM refers exclusively to paid search results such as pay per click or a paid research strategy.

There is always a lot of debate about which is the best option and which gives the best results.

The truth is they are both very valuable and are can both be used to your advantage.

Search Engine Optimisation

SEO is most often used for a long term strategy where you aim to build up a quality following and consumer confidence in your branding by giving people a lot of value for the time they spend on your site. This can be with important, relevant information, entertainment or solving their particular problem

Neither these are more important than the other, they offer different approaches to improve your online business and should both be used where appropriate.

Although SEO is often called free, it takes a lot of time and expertise to produce high quality interesting, original content so by being free it means you, do not pay for individual visitors or clicks.

Search Engine Marketing

SEO involves becoming visible on search engines, because you pay for the advertising, this is often referred to as paid search ads or PPC (pay per click). This allows your ads to appear on arch engine listings alongside organic listings when searchers use the right keywords.

SEM is often best used when starting a new company or launching a new product. This is simply because you can get effective paid advertising or placement on search engine pages in the right place at the right time and you need it to happen instantly or at a specific time. SEM is also great for events where you wish to market for a short or specific time, such as a sports event, concert, festival or shop opening.

So which is more important?

It’s vital to have a web presence that attracts and converts visitors, which is where high quality SEO’s important as it sets the groundwork for your SEM. Without quality websites, blogs and landing pages your SEM is likely to become expensive and not produce the results you anticipated.

SEM needs to be carefully planned and used appropriately, where it’s now very successful.

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