What is the importance of Page Loading times in SEO?

By on January 28th, 2021 in Tutorials

Many people today, are intolerant of slow loading pages and site loading times. Page loading times refer to the time it takes to fully display a specific page of content.

Often the first contact a visitor or potential customer has to your site and brand is on your landing page. To reach your site they either follow a link from another relevant site or use keywords posted on their search engine browsers to located sites that are highly relevant to the subject they’re interested in.

It’s vital that all pages especially landing pages load quickly, are easy to read and understand so your visitors almost instantly and simultaneously

  • Get the message you want them to receive
  • Find the information they require
  • Are encouraged to act in the way you want them to with a strong call to action

Normally, once a visitor arrives on your site they, find the information there or use your site navigation index to easily find the content or page that contains the information they want to solve their problem.

If it takes too long to load, visitors get turned off quickly and it gives the impression the site is unprofessional and badly organised, so they seek another site and you lose a potential customer.

SEO Best Practices

Google suggests that as part of the way they access a website for ranking on search engine result pages, is by measuring the time it takes to receive the first byte of an individual webpage. This is now part of Google’s best SEO practices policy.

Each website is accorded a time or crawl budget, so if page loading times are slow, search engines may not be able to crawl all the available pages, so miss vital information they contain that could affect you sites credibility or authority and therefore ranking position.

Increased bounce rate

When your page loading times are too slow it significantly increased your bounce rate which in turn reduces your chances of converting visitors into paying customers.

Search engines also notice bounce rates, with high bounce rates indicating a site is of poor quality and not trustworthy.

A good practice is to use tools such as Google’s Page Speed Insights to evaluate your page loading speeds with a view on how to improve them.

One of the most important aspects that should to be considered when building websites and creating content is the experience you are giving those who visit your site and read or look over your content. Making sure your site is easy to navigate, interesting and provides a high degree of value to all your visitors should be your number one consideration.

If people like your website, find value and enjoyment from visiting it, they will return and tell their friends. If on the other hand they find it slow to load, they will quickly become frustrated and lose interest. When this happens it’s almost impossible to get them to return, so it’s vital to ensure that all your web content including landing pages, social media, blogs and other pages load as fast as possible.

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