What is the importance of having Sitemap on your website?

By on November 11th, 2020 in Tutorials

Having a properly constructed and accurate sitemap on your website is vital as it allows all visitors to quickly find the relevant and interesting aspects of your site without fuss, as soon as they arrive. If there is no clear indication that your site can solve their problems or answer their queries, then they are very likely to bounce to the next site.

  • Sitemap’s and SEO

A major part of your site’s SEO compliance is not only making it interesting, informative, easy to use and useful for your human visitors, but you also need to cater to the needs of search engines and to make sure it’s easy for them to search and navigate your site. Although these are, in fact, very compatible goals, they should be viewed from different aspects.

When aiming to please or attract your human visitors you need to consider humor and emotional aspects as well as providing a high value for time spent on your site so you give consideration to the entertainment and enjoyment aspects. A huge part of ensuring visitors enjoy their time on your site is having an easy to use sitemap that allows them to instantly find what they are looking for.

Search engines are based on a mathematical algorithm that relies on predetermined parameters that are kept secret so they cannot be circumvented, but by following SEO best Practices and the never ending updates, you can with the help of a properly constructed and accurate sitemap make it much easier for search engines to read or search your site.

One of the major things search engines look for is that your site closely matches and is highly relevant to your website and content descriptions, keywords or keyword phrases as well as the overall theme of your site.

Google wants to give its users the best possible experiences when using their search engines. This really means that when a user enters a search query into their browser, the best and most relevant sites that directly relate to that query are on the top of the search engine page.

When you have a website, especially if it has a complicated structure, without a well constructed sitemap it can be difficult and time consuming for visitors to find what they are looking for.

If you make sure that search engines can easily use your sitemap and crawl all parts of your site, your human visitors will also find it’s easy to use and they are more likely to stay with you.

Search engines take note of the time visitors spend on your site. If you have lots of visitors bounce from your site quickly, it indicates when they arrive, they, cannot see what they want or how to instantly find it, so go elsewhere. Search Engines notice this. If your visitors stay longer, usually because you have provided them with an interesting first glimpse and a sitemap to show that your site offers them what they want, search engines take note of this as it shows them that you’re providing what your visitors want and respond by giving you a higher search engine ranking. Having a good site map that’s quick and easy to use and gives visitor instant access to the information they seek means your visitors are likely to stay with you for longer and are more likely to become customers.

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