What are the top 3 digital marketing channels?

By on September 18th, 2020 in Tutorials

Digital marketing is a term used to describe a whole range of techniques used online to promote services and products. A large part of digital marketing on the Gold Coast is SEO or search engine optimisation, because this is the best way to make sure your content and website are going to rank well on search engine pages and local Google map searches.

The internet is organic by nature, ever changing and growing quickly as it adapts and changes to cater for different trends and popular tastes. The three top digital marketing channels today are video marketing, social media marketing and mobile marketing:

Video marketing

Video marketing is one of the most dominant channels for digital marketing because its message is easily and quickly understood by viewers at a glance. A visitor to your site can get enough information in a few seconds of video to know that they are in the right place and the answer to their problem can be found there. To get the same from script would have taken them a few minutes that many do not want to spend.

With online videos, searchers can see the reality of what you’re offering, its practicality and quality, giving them more confidence when considering making a purchase. Video marketing combined with SEO on the Gold Coast can give your business a huge boot as well as increasing public awareness of your brand and increasing traffic to your site

Social media marketing

Most people have a social media account, it’s believed that over 50% of those people use their social media accounts to find information and research products and business that supply or provide them.

A large part of social media marketing is combined with content marketing by providing interesting and informative information with high value to visitors with the aim of attracting them to your website, increase leads and interest in your brand.

Social media marketing provides people with unbiased views and reviews of products, services and personalities. It also allows for easy interaction and communication between buyers searchers and sellers, so people can find out other people’s experiences with your company and products

Mobile marketing

Mobile marketing is huge now with the majority of people on using their mobile devices to find products and service while on the move when you combine the principles of SEO on the Gold Coast with Google maps and my business you’re placing yourself right in front of prospective customers on their mobile, who have already decided on buying the product they are just looking for the right place to find it

Using digital marketing channels and local Gold Coast SEO applications you have a win, win situation as your placing highly motivated buyers right on your site and letting them know exactly where you are. The route a buyer takes to find the products or services they require has changed considerably over the last few years.The traditional media such as magazines, newspapers has given way to digital marketing and social media as people now want an interpersonal exchange when searching for products and services. The advantages to digital marketers are eminence as it’s now a case of offering a customer a product they are already looking for rather than doing expensive blanket marketing that saturates all media outlets, but is largely ignored by most people.

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