Top Tips to set up your Facebook Campaign

By on July 24th, 2020 in Tutorials

When you want to set up your Facebook ad campaign you need to consider many angles of social media content on the gold Coast, here are some great tips to get you going:

Common Types of Facebook Ad’s

  • Canvas ads

These are only for mobile applications; they are very fast and bypass slow landing pages to get customers’ details

  • Carousel Ads

These allow advertisers to display multiple (up to ten) e-commerce products with each being able to link to its own landing page

  • Post Engagement Ads

With FB algorithm limiting organic posts to about 20% of your followers, post engagement ads allow you to reach more audience, including all those who have interacted with your content in the past

  • Video Ads

Stats show video sells more product and is easy to set up. Branded video gets over 500 million views each day on FB so it’s easy to get your message across

  • GIF Ads

These short videos are easy to make with the right apps and get your message across quickly

  • Lead Ads

These are mobile only ads which bypass or replace different types of  landing pages and work right on FB where you can gain potential’s particulars

Using Facebook Analytics

You can see just how potential clients and prospects are interacting with your website and the times they spend there using the Facebook Analytic app. Another important action comes with the Facebook Pixel code you can track site traffic, including purchases and content downloads.

Structuring your Account

  • Choose your campaigns for specific, individual marketing objectives
  • Use add sets for refined budgeting and targeting
  • Cycle your ad sets through all your existing campaigns to set your budget and finding the costs

A successful FB campaign is about how you utilize your resources rather than needing a large budget and maximizing your leverage options using the results of Google Analytics

Audience Targeting

  • Customer files: Being able to match different FB ID’s, email addresses and phone numbers to existing FB accounts so you can target them
  • Target web Traffic: Being able to target visitors to your site
  • APP Activity: Being able to target anyone you have interacted with
  • Offline: Finding ways to target those you have interacted with  by phone or through your shop
  • Engagement: Making lists of all your social media connections or engagements

Understanding the way to create and execute well formed campaigns using custom audiences from all your contacts is the basis of good Facebook marketing. It’s also important to know about the General Data Protection Regulation that affects all Facebook marketers.

Facebook has a Custom Audiences permission tool, this requires that you have permission or consent before you can utilize the Custom Audiences App. These and other changes to FB and Google SEO define the way in which successful Multimedia, social media and internet marketers need to proceed to reach their greatest potential markets.

When you are setting up your Facebook campaign it’s important to leverage all the contacts you have made in all your different social media platforms on the Gold Coast as well as in other areas. Facebook, like Google has made it very easy for the average internet marketer to succeed using Facebook ads and apps if you decide to follow their simple recommendations and guidelines.

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