Top Tips on Improving conversion rates of ecommerce sites

By on April 22nd, 2021 in Tutorials

We are spending more time online every day and with that, our behaviours are changing to reflect that. Shopping online has almost become the norm and especially during 2020 we had to change a lot of our normal habits to an online approach. For the retailer it meant a change in focus to ensure that their ecommerce sites were functioning perfectly to make the customer experience a good as possible. A standard ecommerce conversion rate is between 3-5% range and if we use those figures as a starting point, what can you do on your ecommerce site to improve your conversion rate?

Simplify the Process

This is number one for a reason! It’s important to remember that your checkout process must be simple. Having less steps in the check out process will make it easier for the customer to navigate through the sale. Removing unnecessary fields will ensure that the customer stays engaged throughout the purchase and more likely to finalise the purchase. Streamlining options both from a product and payment perspective can see an instant rise in conversion rate, in this instance less is definitely more.

Simple Design

There is a common theme here, but a simple design will help your customers find what they are looking for easier. The sure-fire way to see customers leave your site for a competitor is to have a difficult to navigate site. Nice clear Call to Actions buttons is a great start, bright coloured CTA buttons will draw your customers attention and make it easier to find what they are looking for.

Hit the Accelerator

In the world of ecommerce speed is king, a fast smooth easy site will have a higher conversion rate than a slow site. Customers don’t want to wait for slow loading pages and will move onto a competitor’s site if you site is too slow. Optimizing you site to ensure that your pages load fast is one of the first things you should look at to increase your conversion rate.

Free Shipping

If you can find a way to offer free shipping to your customers, you will be amazed how much a difference this makes. If you can develop a strategy to absorb your shipping costs, customers will be more likely to buy something from your site.

Constantly Monitor

Don’t assume that you have the best ecommerce site in town. You must constantly monitor your site to make sure that it is performing at its peak. There is a tonne of analytics that can be run on your site that will give you exact data on your site’s performance. Stay on top of this and don’t be afraid to make a change if something isn’t working.

Live Chat

It’s particularly important that your customer feel like they can get instant support and there is no better way than with a LIVE CHAT option on your site. The ability for instant feedback or support is almost an expectation now as people search for instant gratification from everything they do.

Online shopping is growing every day and we have discussed only five ways you can improve your conversion rate on your ecommerce website. The key is to stay vigilant and stay on top of things, keep trying new solutions until you find one or a few that work for you.

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