Top Things that impact Google Business Listing Rankings

By on August 25th, 2021 in Tutorials

If you do not know something, most people will say, “Google it”. This is how powerful and dominant the search engine has become, and with internet access in our pockets, it is stronger than ever. If you are looking for something, anything at all, the first thing we do is search Google. If we are being honest, most of us can agree that we rarely go to the second page of a Google Search, let alone venture below the top five search results. Now, if you are a business owner and your company does not rank on the top half of the page, what can you do to change this? Here are things that impact Google Business Listing Rankings.

Primary and Additional Categories

When listing a business on Google, you can list your business in a primary category, with the option to position your business in additional categories. If your business fits into several sub-categories, list them! Having your business across several categories instead of one is a great advantage!


Keywords can play a massive role in your position on the results page. Firstly, your business name will affect your position, although this is not easy to change. The keywords on your home page, blog pages and other webpages will determine where you sit. Remember, keyword rich content is a game-changer!

Google Reviews

Although having great reviews is obviously going to help your business’ reputation, having them on Google is a whole different game. If people positively spread your companies name via word of mouth, that is arguably the best way to create a name for your business. However, having Google Reviews that boost your company will drastically affect the ranking and likeability of your business. Being able to show people that have never seen or heard of your business that they should choose your business, that is a huge boost.

Relevant, Strong Content will help

This is quite self-explanatory, however producing content consistently does consume plenty of time. Posting images, videos, testimonials and key-word rich blogs and landing pages are ways to provide the strongest content. Make sure it relates to your business, and it will influence people to choose you!

Up to Date Information

Having outdated information on your website can cost customers, and rankings on Google. Contact information, locations and opening times should always be reviewed and made correct. Also, make sure that if your business activities change, and you offer different services or products, this is reflected.

Mobile Compatibility

Making sure your website is compatible with mobile is a great way to enhance your position. Many web-developers will incorporate this into the design.


Having fresh content will put your business above others. Also, people are more likely to read or view a page that is a week old, instead of two years old. Even going back and slightly adjusting old articles and pages will mean that they are “fresh”. This is a great tactic to outclass the rest.

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