Top reasons we should use Google Analytics for our websites

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Internet marketing is never precise, because of the organic nature of the internet and the fact you’re dealing with peoples taste, desires, emotions and expectations. The best we can do is to monitor the results of our endeavors and adjust our strategies accordingly.

Google Analytics is a free tool provided by Google the largest search engine to help marketers, content creators and everyone on the web, a tool to look into what happening on sites.

These are the reasons you need this free tool from Google:

To know what’s going on with your website, analytics provides you with visitor data that allows you to identify what visitors are doing on your site.

You can understand and track their experiences and behaviour, they way they react to your content, how different devices function on your site and many other insights allowing you to structure your sales strategies accordingly.

It gives you new insights to your visitors that you could not find out any other way.

Automatic Data Collection

When you use Google Analytics it does most of the hard work for you and you can access your reports any time you need to. This allows you to better control and change strategies as new information becomes available.

Customised Reports

You decide what data you need and then format the reports using a range of report templates which allow you to pick and choose the different metrics and dimensions as well as the way they are displayed, basically you created our own report format.

Intergrated with other Google Tools

Google’s easy to understand and use dashboard can be used on all your devices and intergrated with apps like AdWords to provide insights that are actionable to help your marketing and AdWords campaigns

Find out what visitors really want

Using Analytics you can get insights into just what visitors to your site are real looking for, allowing you to see potential growth areas and opportunities.

You can also discover areas you need to improve to give your visitors a better experience on your site by making it more user friendly

See why visitors leave your site

With Google Analytics you can get real time percentages of the numbers of visitor who bounce from your website and the time they stayed. This helps to pinpoint what they don’t like or what they’re not finding allowing you to identify the problem and rectify it.

You can tell the gender, age, location, interests and location of your visitors

With this information you can better cater for their needs

You can also find out how visitors arrive or which channels they used to find you and work on improving them

Google Analytics can tell which social media platforms are working for you and which are not so you know where to spend your advertising dollar

When you use Google Analytics you will know which content attracts more visitors and interest them, you can put even more effort into those areas to further increase interest and attract even more visitors and check if your efforts are achieving you goals

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