Top Importance of Web Hosting for SEO

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Many website builders and internet marketers today underestimate the importance of web hosting for SEO, especially on the Gold Coast, where many people are now using their portable internet devices not only to navigate around the web, but to find the many different products and services they require in everyday life.

Web hosting can affect SEO or the search engine optimisation of your website, your rankings, traffic and final conversion rates because search engines are programmed to rate your overall performance and hosting can have a dramatic effect on this.

Types of hosting

  • Shared hosting

The most basic type of hosting is shared hosting, this is where websites use shared resources and a single server with many other websites. Shared hosting is great for small entry level websites as it’s cheap and easy to use, but is often slow and can have security issues

  • VPS or virtual private hosting

Although you are still sharing resources, VPS hosting has significantly fewer websites on each individual server and is a lot faster and has fewer delays, downtime and security issues

  • Dedicated Hosting

The top of the line web hosting services are dedicated servers where you have a server that belongs to you and no one else can use it. This ensures that your website will always be operating at peak performance levels. Because it’s exclusively yours, it’s also the most expensive, but has the benefit of a high security rating and far less complications and downtime

Features Important for SEO

Web users and search engine place a very high value on speed, it should not take more than a few seconds for your website to load, so it’s vital to spend the time and money getting the best possible loading speed. The search engines are primed to look at loading speeds as a major ranking factor

High Uptime

With the organic nature of the internet, there will always be some downtime; by using a dedicated server you can keep your downtime to a minimum which will help to improve your ranking. If your site is down when search engines visit, which they do frequently, it suggests to them your site is unreliable and has problems so they can lower your rankings accordingly.

Website Security

Security is now another major ranking factor for search engines with dedicated servers having the highest security measures

Proactive Maintenance

For cost effective SEO hosting on the Gold Coast you need a web host that offers a good proactive maintenance program , one that informs you of updates and issues quickly and offers a backup when necessary.

Server Location

Having your server in the same country is another issue with your rankings. Having your server in the same location as your IP address is favored by search engines, it helps to show that your site is more legitimate and honest, it also has the advantage of helping to reduce latency and website loading speed.

Web hosting plays an important part in your SEO on the Gold Coast as search engines take notice of such things as your sites loading speed and down times as well as other factors that can have a major impact on the quality and enjoyment of people visiting your site. So it’s vital to have the best possible web hosting service you can, if you want to have a high performing website and internet marketing business.

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