Top Benefits of Listing your Business in Google

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Online marketing is the future of all businesses, regardless of its size, location, or the products and services you offer. Being SEO compliant in Brisbane is vital, but businesses also need to make sure they are visible and appealing to searchers in the easiest and most effective way possible.

Google has created the ideal solution for its users, so they are able to find all the most relevant businesses and services in their immediate location called Google My Business. This is important to your business success as discovery searches make up over 80 per cent of all the actions done in this, the new consumer shopping culture, dramatically increasing the chances that you will be discovered first.

Some of the top benefits of listing your business in Google are:

  • Becoming Visible

This is by far the most important aspect of internet marketing. The vast majority of people searching on the net are doing so because they have not made up their minds about where they want to go or which branding they want to use. If they had, they wouldn’t need to make a search to find it.

When a search is made for a product or service, the first thing that appears is the GMB or Google My Business listings. If you want a cup of fresh brewed coffee and make a search for coffee shops, all the places on GMB that sell coffee near you will appear starting with the closest ones.

Free Easy to Use Website

Googles My Business is free to use and comes with a few easy to use website that allows you to make a tasteful user-friendly website in a few minutes

First Impressions Count

With the internet, you have less than a few seconds to grab the attention of searchers as they skim over all the potential opportunities they find while searching for their ideal match.

This means you need to spend most of your resources, creating the perfect thumbnail and landing page so you stand out from the rest regardless of how perfectly you have followed the Google SEO best practice guidelines.

GMB listing always gets priority on Google map and search queries. With the ability to upload video or images of your business or product on the first page of the Google search results you can easily add a personal touch that many potential customers find appealing.

  • Using Your Physical Location to Propel Your Business to the Forefront

The fast-moving pace of life around the greater Brisbane area means people want things fast and convenient, they demand the highest quality and best value with the least amount of hassle and stress. Listing your business in Google shows everyone you are right there in front of them (most businesses largest customer base is local)

  • Informed and Educated

A restaurant or café could post the day’s menu or specials, a clothing shop could advise of the latest shipment of fashion items. Travel agents could show the latest travel or holiday deals. Keeping your customers educated and informed simultaneously.

Have all your contact details there so customers can easily contact you for reservations and queries

  • Optimise Your GMB

By optimising your GMB you will get the best possible results. If you have any doubts or concerns, contact your SEO specialists in Brisbane for the best cost-effective solutions and advice

  • Host Customer Reviews

Your customers can leave ratings and reviews so others can share their experiences with prospective customers to build trust and consumer confidence

  • Helps you Gain Insight Into Your Customers Needs and Preferences

The more knowledge of what your customers really want helps you offer a better service leading to more customers and higher returns

The future of internet marketing is in having your business easily discoverable by all your potential customers. The best and most effective way is to use Googles My Business to list your business so you are right there right now when your potential customers need and want you. Your SEO Company in Brisbane can help to ensure you have the best possible internet presence

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