Tips to increase your website’s visibility in search results

By on January 18th, 2021 in Tutorials

For the most part websites are underutilized assets that cater for existing customers and do nothing to attract new ones.

Start reaping the potential benefits of your website by increasing your visibility in search results by reading on.

Target your website’s contents to specific keywords

Google demands that websites are SEO compliant and relevant to keywords and keyword phrases. In fact, the more accurate and relevant to a specific keyword phrase or set of keywords your content is, the better ranking you can expect on search engines.

Each page on your site must clearly and specifically target a relevant topic, you need to find high volume keywords to use in your content, titles and meta tags, but avoid stuffing.

The more targeted and specific your topic to relevant keyword phrases is the greater chance you have of being noticed

Ensure your web pages are easy to crawl by search engines

Your content has to make sense and have plenty of appeal to visitors, but it also needs to be easy for search engines to crawl it and find out what’s there, so it can be indexed.

There are billions of sites, pages and bits of information for search engines to look at each day. So the amount of time budgeted for each site is limited. For this reason you need to make sure search engines can very quickly access your site by:

  • Having keywords in your URL, meta title, meta description and image tags
  • Link together internally your content and web pages so it’s easy to crawl
  • Use a technical SEO audit to check your content and site for any indexing issues

Build more relevant web pages

Blogs are one of the best methods of increasing your organic reach as every blog post you create presents the opportunity for increasing you keyword base, getting noticed and recognised. But they must be original, and provide high quality, relevant and useful information so people start to trust you brand while being noticed by search engines.

Place you website on all relevant social media online directories

The more relevant places and directories your website is listed, the more coverage you will have and the higher the chances you of being noticed. For example Google My Business will allow your website to be seen when anyone does a local search with your keywords.

Other things to do

  • Use compelling titles that stand out
  • Engage and get involved with relevant websites giving valuable and positive feed back
  • Always concentrate on providing quality and high value for your visitors and existing customers while providing them with outstanding service
  • Always respond positively to comments and reviews, but remain politically neutral and stay active on social media
  • Use compelling imagery
  • Try running a Google Ads campaigns

Always present your contend in a user friendly way, constantly monitor any feedback and reactions using Google analytics and other apps to help increase your audience and become noticed.

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