The ultimate guide to avoiding digital marketing mistakes

By on October 23rd, 2020 in Tutorials

There are huge opportunities available in internet marketing and huge profits to be made, but you must get it right, there is no room for second rate operators, as competition is fierce an only the very best will make the grade, this article gives you a guide to the digital marketing mistakes to avoid, to help keep you on top of the game.

Set your goals before you start posting on social media

Google is not impressed with just any content; no matter how good, if it’s not strictly relevant to the subject. Plan your marketing content so it’s relevant, specific and timely with measurable and attainable goals in mind that your potential customers will find engaging and highly relevant, educational and unique information that is worth sharing with strong headlines.

Don’t ignore simple basic SEO opportunities

If you don’t know how to implement the best SEO strategies or just don’t have the time to learn about it, contact your local SEO support specialist. They will ensure your content meets the SEO best practices guidelines and strategies so your site will show up well.

These steps will help digital marketers attain a better ranking on search engine pages

  • Ensure each page has proper meta descriptions
  • Add interesting visuals to increase visitor’s dwelling time
  • Ensure each image has alt text that focuses on your keywords
  • Format your articles so they clearly cover the subject and have a section or paragraph that can be featured as a snippet

Test your content

It’s vital to gather relevant data to gauge your visitor’s reactions, harness the results and optimise your campaign so you know what does and doesn’t work with your particular audience.

Never ignore your analytics as these allow you to track exactly when your audience is active so you can schedule your posts to coincide directly with them as well as seeing which of your strategies receive the most attention

Not having all your content optimised for mobile

The majority of internet users are on mobile devices, so if your content is not mobile optimised and mobile-responsive, you’re missing out on a huge potential market.

Forgetting about existing customers

It’s important that your content is relevant to your existing customers as retaining good customers is far easier and less expensive than trying to attract new ones, so anticipating and filling your existing customers needs is just good business.

Avoiding video content

Video works and commonly it produces conversion rates of 50% or more, almost one-third of searches internet time is in watching video. Making relevant video helps your revenue grow and your competition will be using it, so avoiding it is a costly mistake

Not engaging your audience

Too many sites are not interactive, it’s important that you interact with other relevant sites such as blogs to become noticeable and diversify your profile and get noticed, by search engines because of the feedback you give and receive and the links created as well as indicating you’re an authority in your industry.

All the content you create needs to guide your audience in a very soft sell way into taking the actions you want them to such as clicking on links, providing their information, sharing your content and ultimately becoming a customer. It’s vital that your content is consumer-centric and at the same time honest and provides true value to your readers.

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