How to do keyword research for SEO

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Keyword research has remained a very important part of creating a successful website, but many people don’t understand just what it is or how to do it

What is keyword research?

Keyword research is about finding relevant search terms that people will or are likely to enter into search engine or browsers to find information or data about specified things.

Why are keywords important?

Keywords and keyword phrases allow people to find items on the internet

Why is keyword research important?

There are millions and millions of articles and snippets of information on the internet and every item is stored and filled according to its contents as read by the search engine crawlers.

In order to select a piece of data or information the search engines look at the search query that’s placed a browser and retrieve all the information they find that is the most relevant to a specific keyword or keyword phrase.

The information is placed in the search engine results with the most relevant items first

 on the page for the searcher to select the pages they like.

But the searche engines are also programmed to look at the intent of the words a searcher places in in their search which starts to make things more interesting

How to research keywords for SEO

  1. Make a list of words that are relevant and important about your business
  2. Make a list of the most important topics you think people will want to know about your business. You should think about 10 topics
  3. Now you have ten topics, match those with some of the relevant words and see if you can get a few keyword phrases that are highly relevant and you think searches may use to find your information. The object is to have a pool of relevant phrases
  4. Use Google analytics to identify some of the keywords people have used to reach your website and cross reference those with your list of words. If you can’t find any, look for words on the sites of your competition
  5. Consider the effect of intent as it’s important that your content addresses the problems of searchers and provides answers, but be aware that keywords can have many meanings so you also need to be descriptive

Understand the main factors that determine a good keyword or keyword phrase

Relevance this is vital

Value, you must offer true value

Authority, show you’re an authority on your topic

Volume, the amount a keyword is searched for each month

  • Use a mixture of long and short tail keywords for best effect
  • Check the amount of traffic your keywords generate
  • Pick keywords that generate sufficient traffic and match other sites you feel confident you can compete with.
  • If you think you can provide better, more relevant content and give visitors a better and more value packed experience then you’re on the right track

Always check your keywords by Googling them to see what they show.

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