How to build and market your website?

By on November 25th, 2020 in Tutorials

The vast majority of customers use the internet to find information about the things they’re interested in buying. Without a good web presence you’re making if hard if not impossible for your potential customers to find you and your business.

There are many software programs to choose from, to quickly create a professional looking website in a few minutes if you follow a few simple instructions and SEO rules.

To help you get started, here are a few ideas on how to build and market your website:

  • Determine the primary purpose for your website

When you determine the purpose of your website it, makes it much easier to find a suitable template to base your site on.

Will it be a more personal site, designed to tell people about your company or an e-commerce site?

There are some things you need to let people know as soon as they land on your website:

  1. Explain what your company does and what your site’s about
  2. Have a simple site navigation map so people can find what interests them quickly
  3. Consider your users or visitors experience when they arrive on your site and ensure their visit is as pleasant, easy and full of value for them as possible

If your site is primary to provide information and you’re not accepting payments you site will be easier to set up. If you want to have customers pay for services or goods through your site, then you will need to set up an external service so you can receive payments

  • Decide on your Domain Name

This should be descriptive, easy to remember and clear so it’s easy to remember and associate with your brand.

You need to decide on a suffix such as .com, org or net. Then purchase that through a domain registrar such as GoDady, Wix etc. Your domain name helps people find your website

  • Choose a Web Host

You need to choose a web host to store your data for people to find, this can be a shared web host which is the least expensive option or a dedicated server that is private, but a lot more expensive.

Free hosting services are available, but not recommended for e-commerce sites as they place advertising on your site to make money, which slows down your site and detracts from it

  • Build Your Web Pages

Your contact or landing page is your visitor’s first contact with your business, so it needs to be inviting, explain what you’re offering and to encourage them to investigate your site with an easy to use site navigation map and calls to action

  1. Don’t clutter the pages with irrelevant information
  2. Be precise and concise on all pages
  3. Dedicate a page for each new subject, so it’s easy to find and identify
  4. Make sure your offering an engaging and positive user experience and place calls to action to encourage used to follow specific behaviours
  5. Only use relevant original imagery
  6. Always check your site for accuracy and speed before publishing

Market Your Website

Market your website on social media such as Facebook, Linkedin, Printerest and Twitter and make sure it’s Search engine Optimised for your location

Having a simple, but well designed website can make all the difference for your success and open new markets and opportunities relatively cheaply and cost effectively for your business.

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