How does Social Media help in promoting a business?

By on October 10th, 2020 in Tutorials

Social media platforms on the Gold Coast are internet services which allow the interaction of individuals and groups to share content, opinions and ideas through online communities. Social media presents internet marketers of a host of promotional and marketing opportunities regardless of the size and location of your business.

Social media can be used to

  • Advertise and promote your brand and business name
  • Explain your services and the goods you sell to potential customers
  • Discover what your potential customers really want
  • Discover what your customers think about your services and the goods you offer
  • Build stronger business relationships with your customers
  • Find and attract new customers
  • Find out about your competition
  • Find gaps or areas in the market that your services can fill

The Advantages of Using Social Media to Promote Your Business

Using social media marketing service on the Gold Coast has many marketing advantages over other methods such as:

  • A broad Reach

A one off social media campaign will have the potential of reaching thousands of people locally and many others worldwide

  • Group Targeting

Social media platforms enable you to target specific groups of people in specific locations and at specific times for greater impact

  • Individual Targeting

Social media can be used to target individuals or individual groups with selected interests or in selected locations

  • Free or Low Cost

Most social media platforms are free for individual or business users and also have low cost options available to increase your potential coverage within those platforms

  • Personal Interaction

Social media platforms on the Gold Coast allow you to communicate directly with customers on a personal basis, both publicly and privately to provide individualized service

  • Fast

When using social media your information can be spread to a large number of people quickly and effectively with a fast response time for reactions

  • Easy and Efficient

Social media participation does not require a high level of technical ability or equipment, most can be done using a tablet or smartphone with average IT skills

Not without Risks

Social media is a two way street and it’s important that you understand piracy laws, plagiarism issues and copyright laws as well as how the wrong information can quickly spread if you’re not careful. Negative reviews can be difficult to deal with, but they can usually be resolved and even used to your advantage, if you’re accommodating and positive in your responses.

Some Key Social Media Services for different marketing activities

  • Facebook

This social networking site allows its users to converse freely, exchange videos and photos, as well as promoting goods, services and special offers

  • Twitter

Twitter is a micro blogging site that enables short messages to be sent between interested parties

  • YouTube

YouTube is an online video sharing and hosting service

  • Blogs

These are sites that post content of interest on various topics related to the author’s expertise

  • Coupon sites

These offer coupons or discounts for goods and services

  • Customer Review Sites

These social media sites provide customer reviews and feedback on goods and services

Social media platforms on the Gold Coast are now one of the best and fastest methods of getting your message across to your target audience because many of those interested are actively using the same social media platforms to search for those products so prospective customers are very receptive.

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