How a Dedicated Server can help your business

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The majority of online businesses are sharing their servers with possibly thousands of other users, which is fine when you first start up, but can become a problem when you want to expand and take your business to the next level. That is the reason it becomes a necessity to have a dedicated server for your business.

Ways a dedicated server can leverage the power of scalability helps your business:

  1. The Exclusive use of Dedicated Resources

With your own dedicated server, the whole web server is yours exclusively giving you advantages over shared hosting

  • It allows you exclusive use of the whole bandwidth so you get peak performance at all times, your server is not affected by peak business times when many others are trying to use it as well
  • You get root access to the server and can add your own software or get SEO Services on the Gold Coast to configure your setting to optimize the server just for you
  • Add your own security measures and run your business in a more scalable, responsive and flexible way
  • Customize Your Needs

With a dedicated server, you can make decisions about its configuration and modify it to better suit your growing business needs and take advantage of new business opportunities as they materialize.

Have the ability to instantly increase your data storage, processing or backup capabilities as required, your dedicated server is scalable for your unique needs

  • Improved Speed, Performance and Reliability

Customers today demand speed, convenience and a better user experience or they leave for good to find what they want somewhere else.

Giving your visitors what they want quickly and effortlessly means they will return, a huge advantage of a dedicated server is reliability as server crashes are much less likely

With an improved bandwidth you don’t need to worry about periods of high volume traffic as your images and videos will not be affected

Managed dedicated server and web hosting is a very powerful business solution, it comes at a price, but this, with the expert help from SEO Services on The Gold Coast will propel your online business to the next level and with their technical assistance ensure your future success

  • Security

Because only you are allowed access to your dedicated server, it is much more secure that shared servers and includes security monitoring and firewalls for your data protection. This allows for greater protection against hacking, Malware attacks and cybercrime.

You can also add your own security measures to give higher levels of access control and security

  • No Upfront or Capital Expenses

Having a dedicated server provider eliminates the cost of capital expenses and high upfront fees. Online marketing requires a fast, reliable and user friendly website that loads quickly and gives answers and solutions to visitor’s needs and problems. Having a dedicated server means there are less delays even during peak traffic times and you can be sure of your overall security.

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