Content writing tips that can increase number of visitors on your website

By on January 22nd, 2021 in Tutorials

Content is king this is because the content is the most important aspect of any website.

Well written, informative, original, educative, high value and entertaining content that’s also easy to read, friendly, compelling and engaging will over time draw more visitors to your blog or website.

The following tips will help you increase the numbers of visitors you can attract to your online presence:


It’s vital you have extensive knowledge of the topic you’re writing about or you have fully researched it and are presenting factual information.

Include relevant statistics, references, data and metrics to support your presentation and establish your credibility as an authority of the subject.

Appeal to your target audience and have a purpose

Content that has no purpose or strategy behind it and is not directed at a specific audience is unlikely to attract many visitors; it’s more likely to turn any visitors away from your site.

Always write for real people first do not write for, search engines. It’s important your content is discoverable by search engines and having well written content is the base from which search engines will rank your website

SEO and keywords

Your content needs to be search engine optimised and highly relevant to your title and specific highly relevant keywords. There are many good SEO tools available free online such as Google Analytics and Keyword Hero to help you locate suitable high traffic keywords and phrases.

Good content should be structured so it’s easy to read and visitors can skim it to find the points they are interested in.

Long tail keyword or keyword phrases, detailed URLs, and meta-data descriptions are all that help visitors and search engines find your site and content.

Always ensure your content flows nicely and coherently with keywords used in context without stuffing them in everywhere

In depth, relevant content

The search engines look for the most relevant content on any given subject or search topic. The more in depth and interesting detail that relates directly to the subject, the better, especially if it’s not available on other sites. Only use factual and useful information and provide a means of verification.


Where possible add actionable links to other high quality, highly relevant, authoritative sites that provide more information on aspects you do not want to cover in your content or which compliment your content.

This often results in those sites linking back to you and a whole new stream of visitors as well as helping search engines discover your site more easily. It also helps to add to the relevance score between your content and your keywords and a more accurate examination of your contents

Adding links to very useful, easy to use and relevant additions such as current weather reports, exchange rates or sports results can add to the value of your site, for your visitors.

One main difference between an average and a great piece of content is how well it’s edited. Spelling mistakes, grammatical errors, lack of flow and ease of comprehension are vital aspects of attracting visitors and gaining a good search ranking.

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