How a Dedicated Server can help your business

The majority of online businesses are sharing their servers with possibly thousands of other users, which is fine when you first start up, but can become a problem when you want to expand and take your business to the next level. That is the reason it becomes a necessity to have a dedicated server for […]

Why Website speed is important in terms of SEO

Website speed is a factor Google algorithm’s use to determine a sites place in search ratings. Your local SEO Company on the Gold Coast can evaluate your site and improve its loading speed. Search engines measure how long the first byte of information takes to load, if your site is slow at loading, it takes […]

Top Importance of Web Hosting for SEO

Many website builders and internet marketers today underestimate the importance of web hosting for SEO, especially on the Gold Coast, where many people are now using their portable internet devices not only to navigate around the web, but to find the many different products and services they require in everyday life. Web hosting can affect […]

Top Benefits of Listing your Business in Google

Online marketing is the future of all businesses, regardless of its size, location, or the products and services you offer. Being SEO compliant in Brisbane is vital, but businesses also need to make sure they are visible and appealing to searchers in the easiest and most effective way possible. Google has created the ideal solution […]

Top Tips to set up your Facebook Campaign

When you want to set up your Facebook ad campaign you need to consider many angles of social media content on the gold Coast, here are some great tips to get you going: Common Types of Facebook Ad’s Canvas ads These are only for mobile applications; they are very fast and bypass slow landing pages […]

Why is it essential to have SSL Certification for your website?

SSL certificate (Secure Sockets Layer) is not a luxury in 2020 and beyond, it has now become a security necessity for all websites because of the amount of cyber crime that can affect anyone at any time and without warning. This can potentially cripple or destroy your business in a flash. If you’re unsure about […]