Quick Guide on finding and fixing SEO Canonical Issues

Duplicate content on your website can cause Canonical issues that will have major impacts on your SEO and can see your rankings take a slide. Knowing how to identify the duplicate content on your site can help you avoid having to deal with canonical issues in the future. What are Canonical Issues in SEO Websites […]

Why Keyword stuffing is not good SEO practice.

Something happened slowly over time, without Marketers or SEO specialists realising … Search engines got smart and suddenly practices that were successful and common place have now become less effective, in fact they can seriously affect your visibility on the web. Keyword stuffing used to be a successful SEO strategy, jam as many keywords into […]

Top reasons we should use Google Analytics for our websites

Internet marketing is never precise, because of the organic nature of the internet and the fact you’re dealing with peoples taste, desires, emotions and expectations. The best we can do is to monitor the results of our endeavors and adjust our strategies accordingly. Google Analytics is a free tool provided by Google the largest search […]

What is the importance of Page Loading times in SEO?

Many people today, are intolerant of slow loading pages and site loading times. Page loading times refer to the time it takes to fully display a specific page of content. Often the first contact a visitor or potential customer has to your site and brand is on your landing page. To reach your site they […]

Content writing tips that can increase number of visitors on your website

Content is king this is because the content is the most important aspect of any website. Well written, informative, original, educative, high value and entertaining content that’s also easy to read, friendly, compelling and engaging will over time draw more visitors to your blog or website. The following tips will help you increase the numbers […]

Tips to increase your website’s visibility in search results

For the most part websites are underutilized assets that cater for existing customers and do nothing to attract new ones. Start reaping the potential benefits of your website by increasing your visibility in search results by reading on. Target your website’s contents to specific keywords Google demands that websites are SEO compliant and relevant to […]