Content writing tips that can increase number of visitors on your website

Content is king this is because the content is the most important aspect of any website. Well written, informative, original, educative, high value and entertaining content that’s also easy to read, friendly, compelling and engaging will over time draw more visitors to your blog or website. The following tips will help you increase the numbers […]

Tips to increase your website’s visibility in search results

For the most part websites are underutilized assets that cater for existing customers and do nothing to attract new ones. Start reaping the potential benefits of your website by increasing your visibility in search results by reading on. Target your website’s contents to specific keywords Google demands that websites are SEO compliant and relevant to […]

Why do you need to create backlinks for your website?

When you’re involved in digital marketing, your whole business revolves around how visible you are to your potential customers, how easy it is for them to find you. This really boils down to how well you rank on search engine rankings and the ability internet users have to navigate between relevant websites and your website. […]

How to do keyword research for SEO

Keyword research has remained a very important part of creating a successful website, but many people don’t understand just what it is or how to do it What is keyword research? Keyword research is about finding relevant search terms that people will or are likely to enter into search engine or browsers to find information […]

How to build and market your website?

The vast majority of customers use the internet to find information about the things they’re interested in buying. Without a good web presence you’re making if hard if not impossible for your potential customers to find you and your business. There are many software programs to choose from, to quickly create a professional looking website […]

Why Website speed is important for SEO

Many businesses today are largely dependent on web traffic, so webmasters and content creators are always trying and using different methods of attracting customers to their websites. It’s now generally understood that web users are looking for a great experience and sites that offer a large amount of value for the time they spend on […]