A quick guide on using expired domains for SEO

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Using expired domains for increasing or accelerating your SEO on The Gold Coast

Many people consider they just aren’t worth pursuing, as they do not have any value, which is true to a point, what they do have is links. Not just ordinary kinks, but links that have three criteria that make them valuable to you:

  1. They are highly relevant to your site or industry
  2. They include quality link profiles (ones that contain un-optimised text)
  3. They have not been used for spamming operations

There are 4 main ways to leverage expired domains for accelerating your SEO on The Gold Coast

  • PBNs or Private Blog Networks

Using expired PBNs is the most popular method, but is also the most risky method of leveraging expired domains because it can backfire and cause your site to be obliterated in the sense that sight engines will decide your trying to rout the system so drop you from the rankings. Some webmasters swear by using PBNs and really, it’s a risk/reward analysis, if you think the reward is greater than the risk the try it.

  • Safe Methods to Use Expired Domains

This method has almost no SEO penalty risk, but it takes time, but it can provide big rewards

The process

  • Seek out relevant, high quality expired domains
  • Extract their relevant backlink profiles
  • Find the contact information for all of the quality links
  • Reach out to the linker and explain they are linking to a dead website or resource
  • When or if they respond, suggest that you will replace the dead link with a link to your highly relevant website
  • The Merger Technique

This involves finding relevant expired domains that have strong link profiles and simply 301 redirecting them to your website. It requires the least amount of effort and often provides the best return on time spent and return over time. The only difficulty is finding the quality expired domains, but it’s an incredibly effective way to accelerate your SEO on the Gold Coast because of large, quantity of high quality links you can find once you get started and if you’re persistent

  • Niche Websites

Although this method is not exactly a way to acquire links, it’s a way to quick start a niche website. Because of Google search engines habit of inhibiting new websites and stopping them from appearing in organic search results until they show that they are trustworthy have been around for a while, often at least 6 months and established that you are an authority in your niche or industry. This is often referred to as the sandbox effect and can really stall a new website and internet marketing campaign

This method can be quite effective if you start your niche website using a revived, expired or aged domain. It does not always work, but often it’s a good way to quick start a new website and get some traction

SEO on the Gold Coast can be accelerated by using expired domains as long as you look for high quality expired domains that you can utilize. It is vital that the domains you choose include quality link profiles (ones that contain unoptimised text) and were not used for spamming and they must be relevant to your niche or website.

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