A quick guide on creating high converting landing pages

By on July 24th, 2021 in Tutorials

Whether we like it or not, everybody makes a judgement on first impressions. Whether it be meeting a new person, starting a new job, or visiting a new restaurant. When making first impressions, our eyes do the bulk of the decision making, telling us what we do and do not like about this new “thing”. Obviously, all our other senses play a pivotal role, however visual cues likely dominate the decision-making process. The same understanding can be applied to our online world. When you visit a brand-new website or store, whether you are aware of it or not, your brain will make judgements and process information, ultimately resulting in you spending time or money on the site. Let’s talk through a quick guide on creating high converting landing pages

Creating a personal feeling

What will make your landing page stand out more than the next companies? You must make the visitor feel something by appealing to their life. Whether this is via a pain or pleasure point in their life, targeting these will result in a much stronger connection with the visitor, and ultimately a higher conversion rate. With over 10 years of experience and 500 projects to their name, Supplier Weekly know a thing or two about creating strong landing pages.

Organisation of Information

Have a clear direction in which you want the viewer to take. The Headline should grab their attention, be bold and concise. A short and sharp headline is the tool you wish to use to get the reader to want more.

Now your sub-headings can be used to persuade the customer into your product or service. This is done by adding detail and depth regarding your product and service. This is where you can provide strong selling points to the viewer whilst they are engaged.


As mentioned above, we naturally respond to visual cues at a higher rate. Using this to your advantage is a must in creating a high conversion landing page. Think of all the largest social media platforms in the world, and what they all have in common; distribution and sharing of photo and video content. Instagram, Snapchat, Tik Tok and YouTube are all solely focused on video and photo content, and that is how humans process information now.

Creating Trust

Winning a customer is much easier to do when there is an element of trust involved. One of the most effective tools you can incorporate into a landing page is adding testimonials and reviews. This will allow the landing page to display that your business has been trusted by other customers.

Adding to this, create a guarantee for the customer, and have contact points in which they can reach out. Customers want to feel as if they can contact you at a moment’s notice, so incorporate this into your landing page! Finally, simplicity is key. Do not overcomplicate your landing page.

Supplier Weekly have created hundreds of high performing landing pages; make yours next!

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