5 tips to consider while optimising blogs for your post

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When you create a blog, what is your motive, are you doing for the love of writing, because you feel the need to get your message out to people or because you are trying to build a business and have heard having a blog is the best way to go. Probably it’s a healthy mixture of all three, but if your not good at writing and don’t have a unique idea and approach, then it’s probably better to leave it up to SEO Services in Brisbane to do it for you. As this is one of the most important areas of internet marketing it really needs to be done right.

For those who feel they want to write their own blogs them, here are some tips from SEO services of Brisbane to consider so your blog posts are more effective:

  • Create metadata that’s unique

Metadata or meta information is the first thing encountered by a search engine bot when crawling your page, it tells the bot, just what the page is about. The titles and corresponding descriptions are the most important components of your Metadata. These are meant to be very brief lines of text that accurately summarise each post on a particular blog. This should be done by including a minimum of one keyword and keeping the total character count under 55, spaces included. Your SEO services in Brisbane can help you sort these out.

On SERPs (search engine results pages) the Meta title is displayed as a clickable result, so this must be as compelling as possible. This Meta description briefly gives a summary of the topic of the page, up to 156 characters, including your target keywords

  • Optomise your content

The content of a blog is usually, naturally optimized because it’s dealing with a certain topic. It’s important to ensure all the content is highly relevant and there is no waffle or side issues that could distract from the point of the post. Sometimes keywords naturally fit into the flow of the text, other times you need to review it to enable you to add more optimising opportunities, but never stuff it with keywords as the search engines may interpret this as spamming

  • Image Optimisaton

All images must have concise titles and optimised descriptions, with keywords. File names should summerise the content using hyphens. Image descriptions that help assist searches who have disabilities to understand the particular image in question

  • Appropriate Links

Having high quality links to highly relevant content on other blogs and resources of interest to your topic is important. But remove low quality or broken links as these detract from your site and the Google Penguin update protocol will likely penalise you

  • Social media sharing

Traffic’s the name of the game, adding social sharing buttons (quick share links) from the top five, Facebook, Twitter, Google, Linkedin and Printerest if you have a lot of visuals, work together, when your viewers use them to help boost your search rankings

Optomising blogs is about improving your blog so it’s easy to find, once they have discovered you to ensure they enjoy the visual experiences you give and want to share it with others and increasing your brand awareness, SEO services in Brisbane can help you optimize your blog.

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